Mobile technology for flexible, optimized workforces

As manufacturers and transportation and logistics (T&L) providers are still reeling from unprecedented supply chain disruptions, they continue to turn towards technology that automates processes and systems to streamline supply chain operation.

How grocers are using self-checkout to improve customer experience and operational efficiency

As shopping habits and preferences evolve, one of the main challenges for brick-and-mortar retailers is improving the checkout experience even in the face of a labor shortage. Shoppers have become accustomed to the convenience of online ordering. This has made them less tolerant of long checkout queues or complicated processes to complete a transaction. 

Gain Control of your retail inventory and boost profits with Datalogic’s mobile technology solutions

 To compete in today’s market, retailers are adapting to meet the demands of consumers who seek faster delivery, personalized service, and flexible purchasing options. This includes offering omnichannel solutions like BOPIS, curbside pickup, and speedy delivery. To provide exceptional customer service, retailers must prioritize operational efficiency and inventory visibility.